On my way to Photo Basel

Nearly on my way @photobasel, who would have thought that 6 months ago? The FotoNostrum Gallery from Barcelona is presenting my work, I’m so thankful.

🙏Julio Hirsch-Hardy

Self-Portrait Nr 6 will be there of course, being the Overall Winner of the 19th JMCA. Hand printed with a chine collé technique on 36gr green Kitakata @awagami paper in an edition of 3. The 23k gold chabin has been affixed on the washi paper flake by flake by me, which makes each print unique.

The making of these self-portraits for Book of Light, posing myself repeatedly in a space of light on a cold floor of the former Convitto Palmieri in Lecce, connected me profoundly to feelings I seem have locked somewhere inside my body, to fears that ebb and flow through me.

That space of light is a moment in time. It is not so much time as told by the clock, though naturally it is the sun creating and minutely altering the shape, revealing my body and casting shadows. That space of light is time as duration, it is time as experienced within us. It can stretch forever and cut short in an instant.

🙏Book of Light was developed during a residency @swatchartpeacehotel

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Self-Portrait Nr6_With Glass Rod_Chine Colle Green Washi with Gold_Nr 4_Gold Edition