Book of Male/Female

The project MaleFemale started in 2013 as a photographic study about the thin line that divides male from female. Or rather connects it. How can some people appear very feminine and at the same time have a strong male presence or the other way around. I wanted to capture that moment of duality. For my research it worked best to start exactly in the middle with transgender models and especially models who call themselves genderqueer. As one of the models said: I travel between male/female and others, I feel more like a kind of androgyne or an X-gender. To me it seemed their male and female energies complimented each other creating a unique and powerful balance. I find this fluidity of gender energies moving inside and out of a person very interesting. Through the years I have met many beautiful people in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Rome and they gave me their trust to photograph them.

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